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Lochwisstrasse 18
8185 Winkel (ZH)

Tel: +41 (0) 442 442 844
Fax: +41 (0) 442 442 845
Email: cs@krimcode.com

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[custom_textbox title=”Customer Service” title_color=”#ffffff” text_content=”We try our best to let you enjoy a seamless experience with Krimcode. If you have any question, feedback or issues, please contact us at anytime. We are doing our best to resolve your inquiry at:

cs@krimcode.com” content_fontsize=”13″ text_content_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#272727″ border_color=”#272727″]

[custom_textbox title=”Marketing & Media” title_color=”#ffffff” text_content=”For any inquiry from media, influencers, testers or marketers regarding press kits, images, content, social media, product tests, influencer programs, events, fairs and more, please contact us at:

marketing@krimcode.com” content_fontsize=”13″ text_content_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#cc2222″ border_color=”#cc2222″]

[custom_textbox title=”Distributors & Retail” title_color=”#ffffff” text_content=”With our growing fan base we get inquiries from Distributors, Agents and Dealers worldwide. To make sure your inquiry gets to the right person, please send a message with your portrait and plan to:

keyaccount@krimcode.com” content_fontsize=”13″ text_content_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#272727″ border_color=”#272727″]

[custom_textbox title=”Suppliers” title_color=”#ffffff” text_content=”We are continuously searching for outstanding organic ingredients from all over the world. Please send us more information about you and we would be happy to review your company:

suppliers@krimcode.com” content_fontsize=”13″ text_content_color=”#ffffff” bg_color=”#cc2222″ border_color=”#cc2222″]