Affiliate Partner Program FAQ

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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows one website to refer visitors to another website that is selling a product and get credit for any product that is purchased on that website from the referred visitors.

What do I need to become an Affiliate?

All you need to do, in order to become one of our affiliates is at least have a functional website, email or social media so and a way of adding affiliate links on it.

How does it work?

You get paid by advertising and referring Krimcode products to your audience on your blog, website, newsletter, search landing page. Our system will track the referrals and compensate you for advertising the offer on a performance basis.

How much does it cost to become an Krimcode Affiliate?

Signing up as an affiliate is free of charge. No setup fee, no start-up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

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When do I get Paid?

Depending on the specific terms of our agreement you can get paid as frequently as daily using direct deposit into your bank account.

How do you track my sales?

Visitors and sales are also automatically tracked by placing a cookie in the customer’s browser. If the customer decides to purchase the product within 60 days , your account will be credited with the affiliate commission, even if he/she makes the purchase from the vendor site.

How do you pay my commission and in which currencies?

Krimcode currently offers three payment methods for sending the commission to its affiliates:

  • By wire transfer. (requires a bank account)
  • By cheque.
  • By PayPal.

The currencies in which Krimcode pays the commission to its affiliates are either US dollars (USD) or EURO.

What does cookie window mean?

There is 60 days cookie window duration. This means if a visitor visits Krimcode website via your affiliate link to buy a product, but do not buy and leaves website, but if he returns to Krimcode website to buy that product again within 60 days, you will still earn commission.

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Are there any restrictions in the way I promote the products?

As an affiliate, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Use unsolicited email (known as spam), pop-ups, pop-under, exit pages as well as any other techniques obviously or secretly driving customers to the Krimcode platform.
  • Replace, intercept, interfere with, hinder, disrupt or otherwise alter customer’s access, fraudulent usage of other affiliate sites, including without limitation any click-through or track-based transaction.
  • Place links in such a manner that may (intentionally or unintentionally) mislead the customers.

Where do I find my referal link ?

You will be able to find your link and banners within your Affiliate Dashboard! Under the menu item “Creative,” you will see your affiliate link; enter any URL from this site in the form below to generate a referral link.

Where can I promote it?

You are able to promote on your website, blog, social media posts or email! We recommend a content-based blog post for the best conversions.

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What should I do if a customer contacts me?

Depending on the nature of the request, for payment related issues, the customer’s emails should be forwarded to (put email here)

What should I do if I have more questions or need help?

If you have additional questions regarding the Krimcode Affiliate Program, please contact us at (Put Email here).

Where can I find more information about the program?