Men’s Backpack

Krimcode men’s backpack has gone a long way. Travelling light is especially crucial these days when carry-on luggage is almost a need. Having a Krimcode men backpack regularly will make your life easier. It might be for the office or your everyday commute. Krimcode men backpack consistently offer and design sleek, classy bags of high quality that exemplifies success.

Krimcode Men’s Backpack for day to day routine

You never know when you’ll need a men’s backpack. You’ll need a men’s outdoor backpack that can carry a full day’s worth of activity while yet looking stylish. Before leaving for work or the airport, make sure you have everything you need in your men’s bag.

When you’re unsure of your plans ahead, it’s your reliable men’s backpack that’s going to get you around the office and the city back again in one piece. You’ll be cramming it into the overhead compartment of a crowded train one day and then dropping it off at the airport for your business travel the following. You’ll need a passport pocket, a water bottle pocket, and a pocket to carry everything you’ll need for your everyday trips.

  • Traveller's Bagkrimcode street backpack
    Traveller's Bag

    Ignite your wanderlust with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack made for stylish and convenient travel. This lifestyle backpack features a 180-degree opening which makes TSA airport inspections less of a hassle. It also has several compartments on the front and side meant to safe keep essentials needed on-the-go.

    With two main partitions and several outer pockets, this stylish street backpack can keep anything from electronics to clothes. Standard to all street casual backpack products, this model comes with a washable shoe compartment complete with ventilation. This separate section can also store unwashed Other features include a convenient luggage strap, adjustable chest straps, and a hidden anti-theft pocket.

  • Urban BagKrimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack
    The Urban Bag

    Fuel your creative spirit with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack made suitable to keep up with the urban hustle. This street lifestyle backpack with its contemporary design is the model that can hold the most volume in the series. With several compartments that bring out the modern and edgy aesthetic, the front also comes with two buckles in front that can be used to secure longboards or other carry-on essentials. 

    The model has three main compartments large enough for essentials any creative would need. They come with organisational pockets that can keep anything intact. Like all other models of the street casual backpack series, it has a washable shoe compartment at the base of the bag complete with ventilation. It also features adjustable chest straps, anti-theft pockets, umbrella and bottle holders, and a luggage strap.

  • large hiking backpackkrimcode street backpack front
    Hiking Style

    Gear up with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack. This tall, elegant lifestyle backpack is styled with the heightened look of the conventional hiking backpack. It is designed with a structured flap that buckles securely to keep all contents safe. It features one large compartment with sub-compartments for a laptop and other necessities secured tightly with a burlap-like pull closing. It also has extra side and front pockets.

    Special to the street backpack series is the washable shoe compartment with ventilation, which comes in handy for the daily city hustle or the trips out of town. Also featured in this street casual backpack are its hidden pockets, adjustable and comfortable hip and chest straps, and luggage strap.

Style with Storage

A stylish men’s backpack complements your personality, dress, activities, and social standing. Krimcode men’s backpacks are high-end and a fashion statement for you all. Krimcode is here to assist you in expanding your men’s backpack collection. The Krimcode men’s backpacks will give you enough storage and a stylish style.

Style and storage go hand in hand with Krimcode’s men backpack lines. Features such as a USB port allowing devices to be charged and connectivity on the go for the Business formal line, clever multi-compartment organization, and a luggage strap, attaches the backpack onto a suitcase for the Smart Casual and Street Casual line.

You have no clue what will happen on your way to work or the airport. With a Krimcode Men’s Backpack, you can be confident that your notebook, laptop, and nutritious protein-packed salad will arrive in great shape.

Quality without Compromise

For the modern guy, we’ve been creating and distributing high-quality men’s backpacks. We provide a large selection of lifestyle backpacks with current features to keep your essential gadgets safe and charged at all times.


You want to be sure your men’s backpack meets your needs and can handle any circumstance you may face. The importance of multi-functionality cannot be overstated! Krimcode has you covered with anti-theft measures, stackability on top of the luggage, a laptop compartment, and much more.


Men’s backpack is an absolute determinant in the way you make an impression. It is an accessory, which is highly efficient in keeping you on track for success with style.

We make every effort to ensure that your Krimcode experience is as smooth as possible. We are always on the lookout for exceptional materials from all around the world. Please get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions, suggestions, or problems. We’re working hard to respond to your query at