Weekender Bag

Weekender is a word that has been around since the early 1920s; it refers to any bag that may be used as a piece of baggage with enough space for a few days. A weekender bag can be a duffel bag, a satchel, a backpack, or even a tote. Still, the phrase is most commonly used to describe a holdall style bag with an open-top and two carrying handles generally made of nylon, canvas, or leather. Weekender bags have become increasingly popular as the city-break trend has grown, as has people’s desire to travel long distances in a single weekend. The weekender bag is a more desired travel item than compact wheeled luggage, contributing to its appeal. 

There’s no better option for those who want to live with a sportier design than the Krimcode Sports Attire kick-ass adventure duffel. There’s always a sublimely versatile weekender bag for everyone else that shouts both intimate countryside affairs and luxurious metropolis escapes. Make a statement wherever your vacation takes you with one of these fantastic weekend bags that combine design and practicality to create the perfect travel companion.

  • Business Duffel Bagbusiness duffel bag front

    The Krimcode Black Business Attire Duffel Bag adds a modern yet sophisticated touch to the professional business dress code. This office duffel bag is the ideal business formal carry-on that provides ample space for devices, office items, and travel essentials.

    Quality meets style and class with this duffel bag. Its classic black coat is made from K-tech fabric, making it water-repellent and wear-resistant. The base of the bag is enforced with a leather bottom. The bag’s interior comes with a laptop compartment as well as multiple organizational pockets to keep valuables secure.

  • blue duffel bagkrimcode business duffel bag front

    The Krimcode Blue Business Attire Duffel bag is designed for the businessman with an eye for style. Made to blend in with the business formal dress code, this professional duffel bag can be used in the office or business trips. The solid blue gives a pop of color to a variety of fashion choices.

    The duffel bag’s interior includes separate compartments for devices and other essentials making it ideal for professional use. The ample space makes it suitable for travel. Its exterior is crafted with K-tech fabric that makes it water-resistant. The bag also comes with a strap that gives the option to sling it over the shoulder. 

  • camouflage duffel bagduffel bag front
    Blue Grey Camo

    The Krimcode Blue Grey Camo Business Attire Duffel Bag is the cutting-edge professional bag designed to stand out from the rest. Its pattern brings out a subtle yet tasteful stylish quality that can match the business dress code.

    This sophisticated men’s business duffel bag comes with more space and compartments, making it the more fashionable yet practical choice compared to the ordinary briefcase. There is plenty of space to pack valuables, travel kits, and more. A separate compartment secures devices such as laptops or tablets. Made from water-repellent K-tech fabric, this office duffel bag is made to last longer and is a suitable option for professional business trips.

What Should You Pack in Your Weekend Bag?

This depends on your particular goals and whether you’re a woman or a man, but the golden guideline is not to overpack. For one thing, if you can hardly lift your bag, you’re not going to be the glamorous traveller of your dreams, and it’s always nice to have some room for those impulse purchases to which you are prone. 

What characteristics distinguish a perfect weekend bag? 

You want to travel in style and feel good about your luggage; otherwise, you’d be stuck with a grocery bag for the rest of your life: a decent weekender looks the part and is enjoyable to use. You’ll also need something that won’t let you down, a strong, waterproof material that won’t mark easily, comfortable handles, and sturdy zips and stitching.

If you need your hands free, a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad allows you to do so; however, this is not a pleasant way to carry a bag for lengthy periods. An interior zip pocket is ideal for storing your phone and wallet, while an external zip pocket is ideal for storing goods that need quick access.

Krimcode Business Attire Duffle bags are designed for weekend or business travel. They are fashionable and will make you appear fantastic in any scenario. The leather and chrome details provide a touch of elegance and sturdiness. The pocket for your tablet and small notepad is well-protected throughout travel.

  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 1

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 1 is the ready-to-classic duffel bag tailored with a clean and modern design. This gym duffel bag was tailored to fit sports gear and athleisure in different smart compartments. This bag can be carried in multiple ways with a strap provided to carry over the shoulder.

    The bag features a shoe compartment complete with ventilation. Used clothes or equipment can also be placed inside to keep them separate from your clean clothes and items. The exterior is coated in a water-repellant material to withstand the elements wherever you take it.

  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 2

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 2 is a bold gym statement piece that elevates the athletic style. With a classic gym duffel bag aesthetic and simple yet clean exterior, this bag can complement everyday athleisure.

    This duffel bag can be carried in three different ways. It can be hand-held, strapped over the shoulder, or worn like a backpack. The exterior is lined with water-repellent K-tech fabric to keep your items inside safe and dry. A separate compartment with ventilation was designed to store shoes and used clothing to keep them from mixing with clean items.


A weekender bag will provide you with both room and comfort. A weekender bag or duffle bag may assist you in carrying all of your belongings when going abroad or in the comfort of your city. Your weekender bag will easily contain gadgets, clothing, shoes, a laptop, and vital documents.

Apart from a single type of cotton, these bags are constructed of a variety of materials. There are a variety of forms to choose from, rather than the old, dull, big, and circular design with a drawstring or zipper at the top.