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The days of carrying a bulky briefcase around with you every day are long gone. This type of business bag originated from comfort, style, and class. Why would you want to travel or work with a Business Backpack? Briefcases are a thing of the past. When compared to a business backpack, they are less efficient. Krimcode’s mission is to offer modern gentlemen classic and intricately designed bags to complement everyday business dress codes to leave a strong impact.

Your regular job, business, or pleasure journey revolves around organization, security, and comfort. If you want to improve from your standard briefcase, a nice business bag is a terrific option.

It will have plenty of room and additional sections to keep you organized. Durability and ergonomics are built into business bags to assure your safety and comfort when travelling for work or pleasure. 

  • Business Duffel Bagbusiness duffel bag front

    The Krimcode Black Business Attire Duffel Bag adds a modern yet sophisticated touch to the professional business dress code. This office duffel bag is the ideal business formal carry-on that provides ample space for devices, office items, and travel essentials.

    Quality meets style and class with this duffel bag. Its classic black coat is made from K-tech fabric, making it water-repellent and wear-resistant. The base of the bag is enforced with a leather bottom. The bag’s interior comes with a laptop compartment as well as multiple organizational pockets to keep valuables secure.

  • blue duffel bagkrimcode business duffel bag front

    The Krimcode Blue Business Attire Duffel bag is designed for the businessman with an eye for style. Made to blend in with the business formal dress code, this professional duffel bag can be used in the office or business trips. The solid blue gives a pop of color to a variety of fashion choices.

    The duffel bag’s interior includes separate compartments for devices and other essentials making it ideal for professional use. The ample space makes it suitable for travel. Its exterior is crafted with K-tech fabric that makes it water-resistant. The bag also comes with a strap that gives the option to sling it over the shoulder. 

  • camouflage duffel bagduffel bag front
    Blue Grey Camo

    The Krimcode Blue Grey Camo Business Attire Duffel Bag is the cutting-edge professional bag designed to stand out from the rest. Its pattern brings out a subtle yet tasteful stylish quality that can match the business dress code.

    This sophisticated men’s business duffel bag comes with more space and compartments, making it the more fashionable yet practical choice compared to the ordinary briefcase. There is plenty of space to pack valuables, travel kits, and more. A separate compartment secures devices such as laptops or tablets. Made from water-repellent K-tech fabric, this office duffel bag is made to last longer and is a suitable option for professional business trips.

Professionals, teachers, attorneys, students, and others can use a business backpack to keep their important materials organized and simple to carry. Backpacks are changing the way we travel, much as the internet has enhanced and transformed the way we work.

In terms of these concerns, a fantastic business bag is a step in the right direction. It features the space and compartments to keep you organized and the durability and ergonomics to keep your belongings safe and you comfortable on your work travels.


Business Bag Features


Sleek and Stylish

The greatest travel business bags are contemporary and fashionable. You don’t have to appear like a hiker when you rush to the office or crucial meetings.

You’ll need a backpack that fits your demands, whether you’re hauling a lot of electronics, storing data, packing clothing, and so on. Take a look at Krimcode’s website to view the high-quality items they have to offer.

Comfortable Fittings

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when purchasing a backpack is fit and comfort. It will be cumbersome, unpleasant, and perhaps painful if a backpack is too big or small for your frame.

This entails ensuring that the straps are both comfortable and appropriately suit your body. Look for straps that are adjustable and strengthened. You should also think about waist straps to balance the weight of a heavier bag. 


Many business bags include pockets that are partially hidden, strong zippers and slash-proof material. Nowadays, putting security first is a must. 

You can check out a wide range of business bags on our website, one of Krimcodes’s most demanding business bags is as follows:

Krimcode Business Formal Backpacks

This product line has been designed to complement the business dress code. Created as a backpack for professionals, it features a USB port allowing devices to be charged and connectivity on the go. The sophisticated exterior is made with water repellent K-tech fabric featured in all Krimcode backpacks. This cool backpack also has two outer pockets for extra space and storage. The bag comes with a hidden side pocket lined with waterproof fabric for your umbrellas and water bottles.

To keep your belongings safe, the Business Formal Backpacks also have a hidden anti-theft pocket. The sun might hurt our eyes, but the Krimcode Business Formal bag comes with Sunglasses holders. This bag also comes with a convenient shoulder strap pocket for your IDs, credit cards, or coins.


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