Sports Bag

Let’s break this down: your sports bag needs to be able to carry a lot of stuff. From your clothes to towels, supplements to water bottles, a sports bag requires a lot of space for your workout regime. It would be best if your sports bag didn’t start to smell bad after a matter of weeks of continued use.

When looking for the best sports bags for men, there’s no one-size-fits-all option. You need to seek out the right bag that matches your ongoing needs. Whether it’s an outsized duffel or a little backpack-style bag, your new bag should be tailored to how you’re getting to use

It might be tough to choose a sports bag worth your money because many options, shapes, and sizes are available. 

  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 1

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 1 is the ready-to-classic duffel bag tailored with a clean and modern design. This gym duffel bag was tailored to fit sports gear and athleisure in different smart compartments. This bag can be carried in multiple ways with a strap provided to carry over the shoulder.

    The bag features a shoe compartment complete with ventilation. Used clothes or equipment can also be placed inside to keep them separate from your clean clothes and items. The exterior is coated in a water-repellant material to withstand the elements wherever you take it.

  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 2

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 2 is a bold gym statement piece that elevates the athletic style. With a classic gym duffel bag aesthetic and simple yet clean exterior, this bag can complement everyday athleisure.

    This duffel bag can be carried in three different ways. It can be hand-held, strapped over the shoulder, or worn like a backpack. The exterior is lined with water-repellent K-tech fabric to keep your items inside safe and dry. A separate compartment with ventilation was designed to store shoes and used clothing to keep them from mixing with clean items.

What to Think About When Purchasing a Men’s Sports Bag 

Whether you are a casual gym-goer or a fitness enthusiast, a men’s sports bag is a fantastic item to acquire. A sports bag makes it much simpler to incorporate your workout regimen, such as weight lifting, into your day by arranging your shower, gym clothing, towel, grooming supplies, and other needs in one handy spot. Naturally, you’ll want to have the nicest and greatest men’s sports bag available. This article will show you all of the features that Krimcode’s sports bags have. 


Krimcode Sports bags are large enough to hold all of a person’s exercise essentials while still small enough to fit into a car or locker.

Krimcode recommends that you choose a bag that is proper in size for the usage you intend to use it. Choosing a sports backpack or duffle bag that is too tiny, on the other hand, is a recipe for disaster. A bag that is too large, on the other hand, will not fit in the locker. As a result, pick one that will comfortably hold your belongings without taking up too much room. 

Pockets on the Outside 

Exterior pockets are a great way to keep things organized. You know exactly where to put each extra item for easy access without obstructing the main compartment. With this in mind, Krimcode sports bags offer extra pockets on the outside of sports bags so that you can keep your things in a more organized way.  However, Krimcode suggests you avoid buying one with a lot of exterior pockets. It will make your shoulders look big while adding unnecessary weight. 

Shoulder straps

When you wear a Krimcode sports bag across your body, the weight is evenly distributed, reducing tiredness and pressure on your arms. For added comfort, you can wear the strap with protective clothing. The pad extends a long way, preventing the strap from putting too much strain on your shoulders. 

  • Traveller's Bagkrimcode street backpack
    Traveller's Bag

    Ignite your wanderlust with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack made for stylish and convenient travel. This lifestyle backpack features a 180-degree opening which makes TSA airport inspections less of a hassle. It also has several compartments on the front and side meant to safe keep essentials needed on-the-go.

    With two main partitions and several outer pockets, this stylish street backpack can keep anything from electronics to clothes. Standard to all street casual backpack products, this model comes with a washable shoe compartment complete with ventilation. This separate section can also store unwashed Other features include a convenient luggage strap, adjustable chest straps, and a hidden anti-theft pocket.

  • Urban BagKrimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack
    The Urban Bag

    Fuel your creative spirit with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack made suitable to keep up with the urban hustle. This street lifestyle backpack with its contemporary design is the model that can hold the most volume in the series. With several compartments that bring out the modern and edgy aesthetic, the front also comes with two buckles in front that can be used to secure longboards or other carry-on essentials. 

    The model has three main compartments large enough for essentials any creative would need. They come with organisational pockets that can keep anything intact. Like all other models of the street casual backpack series, it has a washable shoe compartment at the base of the bag complete with ventilation. It also features adjustable chest straps, anti-theft pockets, umbrella and bottle holders, and a luggage strap.

  • large hiking backpackkrimcode street backpack front
    Hiking Style

    Gear up with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack. This tall, elegant lifestyle backpack is styled with the heightened look of the conventional hiking backpack. It is designed with a structured flap that buckles securely to keep all contents safe. It features one large compartment with sub-compartments for a laptop and other necessities secured tightly with a burlap-like pull closing. It also has extra side and front pockets.

    Special to the street backpack series is the washable shoe compartment with ventilation, which comes in handy for the daily city hustle or the trips out of town. Also featured in this street casual backpack are its hidden pockets, adjustable and comfortable hip and chest straps, and luggage strap.


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