Krimcode Smart Casual Backpack

Accent Straps Light Grey


Combine casual and classy with the Krimcode Smart Casual Backpack variation lined with bold red arm straps. This dapper black casual backpack is intricately tailored to be a semi-formal staple. Its prominent design features include the edgy red stripes that complement the reinforced shoulder strap. A slick red fabric lines the inside of the bag in contrast to its dark exterior. 

This casual lifestyle backpack has several compartments with three sections and one outer pocket. The innermost section can secure electronic devices such as laptops and tablets and leaves enough room for other necessities. The outer sections have pockets for items such as pens and stationery items to help with organisation, suitable for travel enthusiasts or university students. Similar to all smart-casual backpack models, it also features an adjustable chest strap, an extra-resistant and durable base, optional USB charging port and earphone slot, and extra pocket along with the back padding.

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Tablet Compartment

upto 12 inch Tablet

USB Charging Port

Hidden Anti Theft Pocket

Laptop Compartment

upto 15 inch Laptop

Bottle Pocket

AirTrax Cooling

Breathable Back Padding

Sunglasses Holder

Suitcase Strap

Organizational Pockets

Smart and Multifunctional

Krimcode’s Smart Casual Backpacks features a multi-compartment organization with a rich feature set designed for optimal comfort on the go.

krimcode business formal backpack all compartments

USB Charging Port

This backpack includes a USB port on the outside of the bag. The USB port is connected to a cable on the inside where you can plug in a portable power bank.


This bag has lots of organization pockets to keep your stuff organized. This bag with lots of pockets should be your best friend if you love to carry lots of stuff.

Great Passion for Details

Explore Krimcode’s unmistakable style and rich functionality.

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Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 35 × 21 × 49 cm


Volume Liters





Earphone slot, USB port


Extra-Resistant Bottom


Reinforced Shoulder Strap + Chest Strap


Breathable Airtrax Back Padding + Water Repellent K-tec Fabric + SBS Zippers + Hidden Anti Theft Pocket + Suitcase Strap + Sunglasses Holder + Umbrella/Bottle Pocket

Krimcode Smart Casual Backpack