traveller’s backpack
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – front
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – left
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – back
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – detail 5
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – Detail 3
Krimcode Street Casual Notebook Backpack – KSTB13-1N0SM – Detail 1

Krimcode Street Casual Backpack

Traveller's Bag


Ignite your wanderlust with the Krimcode Street Casual Backpack made for stylish and convenient travel. This lifestyle backpack features a 180-degree opening which makes TSA airport inspections less of a hassle. It also has several compartments on the front and side meant to safe keep essentials needed on-the-go.

With two main partitions and several outer pockets, this stylish street backpack can keep anything from electronics to clothes. Standard to all street casual backpack products, this model comes with a washable shoe compartment complete with ventilation. This separate section can also store unwashed Other features include a convenient luggage strap, adjustable chest straps, and a hidden anti-theft pocket.

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Tablet Compartment

- upto 12 inch Tablet

Shoe Compartment

- and laundry compartment

Suitcase Strap


Laptop Compartment

- upto 15 inch Laptop

Bottle Pocket


AirTrax Cooling

- Breathable Back Padding

Hidden Anti Theft Pocket


Sunglasses Holder


Organizational Pockets


Always on the Go

Set the style for your trip. The modern design of Krimcode’s street casual backpacks makes them ideal for the creative and explorative individual.
urban backpacks

Shoe Compartment

This bag with a Waterproof, Washable, and Breathable Shoe Compartment that has the features to adapt to work commutes, gym days, and sports.

Hidden Anti Theft Pocket

This bag feature has a hidden anti-theft pocket at the back which will keep your most valuable items safe during your trips.

Great Passion for Details

Explore Krimcode’s unmistakable style and rich functionality.

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Additional information

Weight1200 g
Dimensions35 × 21 × 50 cm


Volume Liters





180º Opening


Waterproof, Washable and Breathable Shoe Compartment


Reinforced Shoulder Strap + Chest Strap


Breathable Airtrax Back Padding + Water Repellent K-tec Fabric + SBS Zippers + Hidden Anti Theft Pocket + Suitcase Strap + Sunglasses Holder + Umbrella/Bottle Pocket

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