Sport Attire

Gear up for an exciting day ahead with the Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bags. Our classic sports duffel bags are made big enough to store and secure all your sports equipment in separate specialized compartments. 

Every one of our gym duffel bags is designed with space big enough to fit and separate your athleisure from other essentials, including a separate shoe compartment. The outer material is sturdy, waterproof, and wear-resistant. The inside contains a ventilation system to ensure all equipment stays clean. Each bag also comes with an attachable strap to help you carry your duffel bag over your shoulders. Boost your active lifestyle with Krimcode’s athletic gym and sports duffel bags.

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  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 1

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 1 is the ready-to-classic duffel bag tailored with a clean and modern design. This gym duffel bag was tailored to fit sports gear and athleisure in different smart compartments. This bag can be carried in multiple ways with a strap provided to carry over the shoulder.

    The bag features a shoe compartment complete with ventilation. Used clothes or equipment can also be placed inside to keep them separate from your clean clothes and items. The exterior is coated in a water-repellant material to withstand the elements wherever you take it.

  • Krimcode Sport Attire Duffle BagKrimcode Sport Attire Duffle Bag
    Black 2

    Krimcode Sports Attire Duffel Bag 2 is a bold gym statement piece that elevates the athletic style. With a classic gym duffel bag aesthetic and simple yet clean exterior, this bag can complement everyday athleisure.

    This duffel bag can be carried in three different ways. It can be hand-held, strapped over the shoulder, or worn like a backpack. The exterior is lined with water-repellent K-tech fabric to keep your items inside safe and dry. A separate compartment with ventilation was designed to store shoes and used clothing to keep them from mixing with clean items.