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These trying times have led companies to either shut down or adopt a new strategy for their employees to keep on working amidst the pandemic. Professionals in these times are working remotely from the safety of their own homes.  About 40 % of Americans have adapted this work from home setup. European governments are beginning to accept that the remote setup may be part of the new normal

This setup, of course, has its own perks and shortcomings. While it cuts costs and time on the commute and allows you to be with loved ones, it is still fairly new to most and requires some adjusting. If you’re new to the setup yourself, here is a simple guide that can help you through this adjustment period.

A Guide to Working Remotely for Stay-at-Home Professionals 

How to Create a Workspace at Home

Unlike a regular office, the amenities of a home may not be as complete. There will be some investments that you will have to make in order to work productively and be able to complete your tasks with fewer discrepancies. Here are the common issues that you may face and how you can solve them accordingly. 

1.Technical Difficulties

Working with equipment not up to parr with your office setup? That can certainly hinder your work’s process since these tools are necessary to make your tasks manageable. 

What you can do: Ask your supervisor if you could have equipment provided or delivered. If this isn’t possible, see if you can ask for an allowance for your own home equipment. When requesting for this, simply explain that having better home equipment will help you get work done faster, which is an investment the company should be willing to make if they’re trying to beat deadlines or reach quotas. This sort of problem cannot be left for you to solve on your own. 

The internet coverage just isn’t cutting it where you live. This problem is something that you don’t have total control over– or so that is how it appears. 

What you can do: Besides call your internet provider, you can perform certain checks to make your internet go faster. Internally, you can try blocking ads, checking for viruses, and use the “clear cache” plugin. Externally, you can check if there are any factors that are blocking the signal. It is often recommended that your router stays at the centre of your home for better signal coverage everywhere in your home. 

2. Outside Distractions

If you have a pet running around or live with other people, then you’re going to have some difficulties focusing. There may be noise that you won’t be able to cancel out from your environment and there are home concerns that may pull your attention away from work. 

What you can do: Besides letting the people you live with know that you’re busy at work, try to work around them. Avoid doing work in common areas such as the living room or dining area. Set up a separate space where they know that if you are in that zone, you are working. For furry friends, you can have them along your side to keep you company and boost your morale. But if they need to play or go out for a walk while you’re in the middle of something, you can very well ask for your loved ones’ help. If you’re in the middle of something important that requires full attention, you can take them to a neighbour or have them stay at a friend’s house. 

How to Maintain a Healthy Work Life

Being unable to separate the two concepts of work and home may cause some discomfort and added stress on your mental health. Having one area as a designated work area contributes greatly to avoid this burnout. That way, you can leave work where work should be and go to other parts of the house to relax. 

Don’t forget to take short breaks in between your work. This gives your mind some time to breathe and will help you steady yourself every now and then. When the clock hits the end of your shift, stop working and start relaxing. Just like you would in a regular office, clock out and hang out with your pets or loved ones. 

Success Starts Anywhere

While the current situation is full of uncertainties, it shouldn’t stunt you in your journey towards growth and success in your career. Working remotely will take some getting used to, but it would all be worth it as long as you keep your goals alive. Stay motivated and continue to develop your career one day at a time!

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