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Packing List For a Business Trip

No matter how meticulously you pack your bag for a business trip, you are always bound to forget something or the other. Therefore, a packing list for a business trip is a must. Is this your first business trip? Are you in thought about the travel essentials you might need? Do you need help to

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functional backpacks

When all the aspects in our life are all rapidly changing, especially during a global pandemic when many of us haven’t worked outside our homes in months. That doesn’t mean it will be this way forever, and you might be back in your office soon. With that, you will be needing sturdy Functional Backpacks. Even

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Gym Bag Essentials

If you’re having problems deciding what to bring to the gym, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a whole lot of accessories and gadgets that can make your gym sessions a better one. In this article we will give you our list of 15 Gym Bag Essentials.   Gym Bag Essentials   

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travel suit bag
Creating a clean and classy wardrobe is one thing. Packing for travel is a whole level of hard. Using a travel suit bag can do all the work for you.  Pack your fine suits or designer dresses in a business travel bag if you want ease of movement while avoiding checked baggage fees. You can
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everyday backpacks

Everyday, as thousands of humans move past you, you will notice that the majority of them own a backpack. A majority in that majority own multiple backpacks. It is striking how convenient life is when you own a backpack. Everyday backpacks are a common necessity. Whether you are attending classes, gym, work meetings, or any

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How To Choose A Laptop Bag

For a lot of us, our laptop is an essential piece of equipment. We spend hours on them every day, performing various tasks for work and pleasure. So it’s no surprise that we spend hours picking out the one with just the right specifications: the right amount of memory, the correct amount of processing power,

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Backpacking Tips
At least once or twice a year, allow yourself to blow off some steam by taking some rest and relaxation with some backpacking tips for beginners. Being in the same space and office routine for eight hours a day for five days--some still work on weekends--can surely cause a major burnout eventually. For a busy
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business travel bag

Since time immemorial, our ways to survive and succeed in our career endeavours most of the time require being mobile in many ways. From the religious steaming of formal suits and dress shirts to packing all the essentials with the right business travel bag, travelling outside the city and abroad are usually a norm required

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stylish office backpack

Stylish office backpacks have been making their way into the corporate scene. While the traditional briefcase is the most formal choice that complements the business attire, they may not be the most functional choice. Backpacks feature more use of what you need on a daily basis, which is why Krimcode designed 4 multifunctional backpacks that

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3 cool backpacks for men

Cool Backpacks for men are a great lifestyle bag accessory to take wherever you go. They stay within the realm of looking professional but are designed to fit the everyday aesthetic. Krimcode’s line of smart casual backpacks for men come in three distinct designs with their own key design features that can blend in with

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