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Backpacker Trips

  At least once or twice a year, allow yourself to blow off some steam by taking some rest and relaxation with some backpacker trips. Being in the same space and office routine for eight hours a day for five days–some still work on weekends–can surely cause a major burnout eventually. For a busy professional

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Business Travel Bag

Since time immemorial, our ways to survive and succeed in our career endeavours most of the time require being mobile in many ways. From the religious steaming of formal suits and dress shirts to packing all the essentials with the right business travel bag, travelling outside the city and abroad are usually a norm required

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cool backpacks for men

Smart casual backpacks are the great lifestyle bag accessory to take wherever you go. They stay within the realm of looking professional but are designed to fit the everyday aesthetic. Krimcode’s line of smart casual backpacks come in three distinct designs with their own key design features that can blend in with the easy-going yet

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working remotely

These trying times have led companies to either shut down or adopt a new strategy for their employees to keep on working amidst the pandemic. Professionals in these times are working remotely from the safety of their own homes.  About 40 % of Americans have adapted this work from home setup. European governments are beginning

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style dress code

Dress codes are the guidelines that often companies or events often impose. While reputably restrictive, dress codes don’t have to be a reason to lose style. With a bit of creativity to work around the rules, here is a simple guide to turn out great looks and match your style with three different dress codes.  

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Dressing for Success

Does dressing for success really work? Yes, and here’s why. A study published in 2015 proved that people feel more intellectually capable when dressed in their formal attire. This evidently boosted their confidence and made them feel more powerful. With the science to back up the power of style in one’s journey to success, take

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Dress Code in the Workplace - Oct 7, 2020

Dress code in the workplace has been a debatable issue in the workplace for decades. Several companies over the years have become more lenient with dress codes, others removing it completely. But not having guidelines for appropriate workplace clothing may affect several areas of your company that you might not believe you have control over.

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Modern Gentleman - Krimcode

Krimcode is more than your average lifestyle bag brand for men with style. The brand’s story is inspired by the knight’s code, one of honour and pursuit of excellence. While the traditional values of courtesy, loyalty, and dignity are the foundation of how a man should be, Krimcode has set itself to reinvent the idea

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Introducing Krimcode Lifestyle Bags

To the modern gentlemen with the drive and will to achieve success, welcome to Krimcode Lifestyle Bags! Krimcode is an up and coming men’s lifestyle fashion brand with an array of lifestyle backpacks and duffel bags to match the everyday dress codes. Every collection was created and designed for men who want to achieve more

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