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How To Clean Backpacks in 5 Easy Steps

Nothing is more exciting or adventurous than a spontaneous journey into the unknown with clean backpacks. Be it a weekend in the greens, a multi-day hike, hitting the road with the bike, a trip with too much natural seasoning of dirt, mud, and leaves, every day parade to office or school. Whatever it be, we are types of equipment involved always! And where there is equipment, there is a need to store that equipment.

That means a backpack is needed!

The backpack is available in all shapes, sizes, materials, and uses. It serves as a mobile station that you can fall back on when you need one of your essentials. And at the same time as a protective cocoon that protects the contents from all weather conditions, be it rain, snow, or wind.

Our all-season companion needs as much care and love. There is always a need to keep your backpack clean and tidy and to look after it. Because for our backpack to work decently, it needs to be taken care of. There are now many high-quality backpacks with many features and longevity, but maintenance makes the difference whether you can use your purchase for several decades.

With this in mind and the exciting range of backpacks that we now offer, we thought it was time to give you an insight into how to clean your backpack. Because with time, it is best to clean the dirt that your backpack has been collecting.

If our backpack has an unpleasant odor and has stains, we have the right tips and tricks for you to perform backpack cleaning.



Stay away from the washing machine!

A backpack or bag is always in use. Whether you go shopping on foot, go on a day trip or go to school, the portable piece of luggage is always with you. But what happens if, after months of use, it suddenly stinks and is dirty?

Most people would then conveniently put their loyal companion in the washing machine, select the gentle program and let the device do its thing. Many people are unaware of what is wrong with cleaning backpacks in the washing machine.

One must not clean backpacks in a washing machine because it would damage the coated material of the backpack. It will also damage the coating of the washing machine due to the zippers. Not only that, you might be able to have clean backpacks even after the wash.


Do you question how to clean backpacks?

Follow these 5 easy steps for a perfect backpack cleaning:


Empty the content

This should be an obvious first step, but it is still worth mentioning. Make sure that none of your essentials are in the backpack. That means to clear out all pens, maps, equipment, and used clothing before you start cleaning. Make sure to clean the internal pockets, hidden pockets, and zippers too.


Prepare the bath

Yes, exactly like a bubble bath when you were younger, you should now take a lukewarm bath for the backpack. Point to remember: NEVER use hot or even boiling water. It could do no good to fabrics, seams, patches, and damage them. You could also use it to wash out the dyes.


Add soap

Add some soap to the lukewarm water. The key here is to use a soap that is “detergent-free” and ideally based on natural substances. We recommend this because other detergents or fabric softeners can damage the backpack, especially for special coatings. You play it safe with mild soap.


Time to scrub

As soon as the backpack is a little wet and the soap bath is ready, you can rub the dirty fabric with a soft brush / or a soft cloth. First, concentrate on the areas that are dirty and move on from there. An old toothbrush could help remove particularly stubborn stains or get into hard-to-reach places.


Let it dry naturally

This is probably the most necessary process when cleaning a backpack. Be sure to let it dry naturally. Here it is essential not to put the backpack in the dryer or ventilate it with the hairdryer. Alternatively, you can just put it outside or hang it up in good weather (but not in direct sunlight). Make sure it is entirely dry before putting it back inside. Nobody wants a moldy backpack!

The best tips at a glance that you should remember and memorize for cleaning backpacks:

  1. Never wash a backpack in the washing machine. Instead, wash it by hands.
  2. Never use hot water. Lukewarm water works the best.
  3. Let the backpack dry outside. Artificial light can damage the fabric.
  4. It’s best to keep zippers clean at all times.


One-time cleaning or regular cleaning – Clean Backpacks?

Cleaning backpacks after prolonged use is a time-consuming process. A better and comfortable option is to clean it after every use. Deep cleaning is not a must. Clean with a cloth after every use and remove the dirt from the backpack.

Perform deep cleaning after prolonged outdoor use. It would help maintain the backpack clean, healthy, and usable for a long time.

However, this does not mean that a bath with lukewarm water is necessary every time. Empty the contents and compartments, clean up pockets and zippers. Clean the partition that has food stored in it.

Cleaning backpacks after every use helps increase the service life. Several small cleans are guaranteed to weigh less than one large deep clean. Many manufacturers give a lifetime guarantee on their backpacks. Now it’s up to you to make the most of it because you probably only buy a good and expensive backpack once in a lifetime.

A clean backpack adds to the personality. It indicates one’s sense of lifestyle and belonging. Also, maintaining a clean website is a great way to maintain personal hygiene. With a clean backpack, it becomes easy to organize the material in it. It also eases to find the stuff inside it.