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8 Advantages of Dress Code in the Workplace

Dress code in the workplace has been a debatable issue in the workplace for decades. Several companies over the years have become more lenient with dress codes, others removing it completely. But not having guidelines for appropriate workplace clothing may affect several areas of your company that you might not believe you have control over. To settle the debate on dress codes, take a closer look at the advantages that they have in creating a conducive working environment.


8 Reasons Why Dress Code in the Workplace are Essential


1. Creates Long-lasting Impressions

If you’re in the business where gathering clients are essential, then you wouldn’t want to give them a first bad impression. Wearing formal attire sets you and your team on the right path, telling them that you mean business and you are a company that they can trust. An everyday casual look just cannot form the same impression.


2. Highlights Level of Professionalism

The dress code is always relative to the company’s given industry. In blue-collar jobs such as construction sites, it is a must for workers to wear safety gear. The same principle applies to jobs in other industries. Occupations in the business and financial industry, for example, should be dressed in formal wear in order for them to be identifiable as a formal place of work. Creative teams such as those found in marketing agencies and architecture firms can opt for a more business casual dress code to give employees the opportunity to express themselves in the little ways they can.


3. Establishes Reputation and Rapport

When employees mingle outside of work and mention that they work for you, people may get an idea of what your company is all about just from looking at what they wear. This aids in a lot of networking that your employees do in social events. Formal attire could attract potential partners when they speak to people of that status. Smart casual attire could tell potential employees that the workplace your current employees come from is inviting yet professional.


4. Enhances Credibility

The power of dress code fashion can go beyond looking dapper. It can also play a part in influencing outcomes by giving you or employees a slight edge of credibility. A 2014 study gathered 128 men of different backgrounds for a social experiment on clothing. They were divided into 3 groups: one wore suits, the other was in the clothes they showed up in, and the rest were dressed in sweatpants and t-shirts. These men were partnered with a neutral group to test their negotiation skills. Of the three groups, the first averaged a much higher deal for their companies. So to whoever said to never trust a man in a suit, it’s unfortunate that a lot fewer people are taking that advice.


5. Commands Respect

Respect is not given but earned. But in order to earn it, one must establish that they deserve it. Dress codes make managers more identifiable to subordinates, showing that they have the authority to make decisions and the skills to guide the rest of the team. Going back to the first point, there is something about professional wear that gives employees impressions of their leaders. Psychologically, employees would probably not be interested in answering someone in sweatpants and flip flops.


6. Instils Productivity

Employees are much more productive when they’re dressed in “work clothes.” Having whatever they wear on a regular basis may affect the way they work. With that in mind, it is important to note that dress codes should be strategic and feel like guidelines instead of strict rules.

If you manage a team full of creative young professionals who would feel suffocated by the restriction of dress codes, then you might not want to enforce strict business formal. A smart casual dress code will suit them much better, giving them a professional look with the opportunity to inject their personality– which will let their creativity continuously flow at work. But in the instance that you are working with an experienced veteran team in a highly demanding business team, they might work better with a formal dress code that will make them feel empowered.


7. Visual Uniformity

Having just one employee shows up in ultra-casual attire can throw off the entire mood of the workplace. When everyone is on the same page about what they can and cannot wear, it can also increase the unity of the team by establishing uniformity.


8. Boosts Confidence

When you look good, you feel good. Having employees dress their best every day will give them that extra boost that they need to get through the workday.


Dress Code in the Workplace: The Verdict

Dress codes get a bad reputation for being too restrictive, but giving employees the freedom to choose what they wear isn’t going to do them any favours either. Depending on the team that you work with, impose a dress code that is agreeable to employees but can still represent the ideals of your company.


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