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Backpack for Businessmen

For the business people reading this… briefcases are ancient history. A backpack for businessmen is the new attaché. Backpacks have been gaining popularity in the business community for years, and rightfully so. They are trendy and come with features which attachés could not compete with.   In this article we will understand the acceptance and

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traveling essentials

As the world starts opening up, new rules and regulations are set up to allow us the simple pleasures of travel once again. Traveling essentials that have seen every adventurer through in the past are still basically the same, but also radically different. Let’s review how the new normal will influence what we consider must-have

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laptop bag

For a lot of us, our laptop is an essential piece of equipment. We spend hours on them every day, performing various tasks for work and pleasure. So it’s no surprise that we spend hours picking out the one with just the right specifications: the right amount of memory, the correct amount of processing power,

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Backpacking Tips

At least once or twice a year, allow yourself to blow off some steam by taking some rest and relaxation with some backpacking tips. Being in the same space and office routine for eight hours a day for five days–some still work on weekends–can surely cause a major burnout eventually. For a busy professional who

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Business Travel Bag

Since time immemorial, our ways to survive and succeed in our career endeavours most of the time require being mobile in many ways. From the religious steaming of formal suits and dress shirts to packing all the essentials with the right business travel bag, travelling outside the city and abroad are usually a norm required

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