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Everyday Backpacks – Best Backpacks For Everyday Use

Everyday, as thousands of humans move past you, you will notice that the majority of them own a backpack. A majority in that majority own multiple backpacks. It is striking how convenient life is when you own a backpack. Everyday backpacks are a common necessity.

Whether you are attending classes, gym, work meetings, or any other outdoor activity, backpacks are there to make your life easier. The real dilemma is which everyday to choose, so that you don’t feel alienated the moment you join a group.

This article will help you to understand and conclusively choose the type of everyday backpack best suited for you. It will help your experience better.


Basis of Variety available in the Everyday Backpack Market

Different types of everyday backpacks are available in the market. Each has been built having a particular consumer base in mind. With such a huge variety of backpacks available, how would you choose to best suit your needs? It seems like a trivial question, but in reality, it is a tricky one.

As I mentioned, backpacks are crafted keeping a particular consumer type in mind.

Say, you are a cycling enthusiast. You would need a lightweight, small-capacity, body-fitting backpack, which is spill-resistant and water-resistant. Moreover, the straps must not be too long, so that they don’t tangle with your body while you cycle, it would be dangerous.

Wait! you need to add some of the features which are specific to your need as a cyclist and not the cyclist community. Add all these and you would find your backpack. Seems like quite a long list of features, right? Do not worry though, there is a backpack waiting for you in some store somewhere, which is tailor-made for your needs.

Not only are everyday backpacks built based on needs, but they are also built based on the accessibility. In the above example, a cyclist would not be accessing items in his backpack while cycling. So, for a cyclist, a backpack for everyday use would not require exterior pockets. More precisely, an everyday backpack for the activity of cycling does not require exterior pockets.


What is in your Backpack?

What is your backpack activity?’ is a learning activity to explore more about oneself. You might be thinking, “What has that got to do with choosing an everyday backpack?” Before you skip through this piece, let us briefly analyse and correlate this learning experience to choosing backpacks.

For this, we first assume a shapeless backpack. As the activity proceeds, the backpack design becomes clearer.

Step 1:

Activity Analogy
What can we add to our backpack? What do you need to successfully complete your activity?
What can we unpack in it? What is the occupying space in my backpack?
Reorder the contents. Organize your backpack on the basis of accessibility of contents you desire for the activity and the activity demands from you.

Step 2:

In this step of the activity, you must write about yourself and what relates you to that activity.

Step 3:

Share the ideas with your group.

Step 1 here would help you understand the design of the backpack you would need for efficiently performing your activity.

Step 2 would help make your experience richer and make you understand the requirements of the activity for you as a unique entity. It will help in making your choice more decisive. Lastly,

Step 3 would help you understand other perspectives and maybe take a few pointers in solving your problems while performing the activity.

(Read more about The Backpack Activity)


1. For the Working Bees

In the past few years, everyday backpacks have found an increased acceptance in the professional world. Check out more about the why and how it took the place of the briefcase, in our blog post (Backpacks for Businessmen – New trend of Professional Lifestyle).

One of the best backpacks for everyday use is from Krimcode. We are proud of the quality we offer, and our Business Formal and Smart Casual line are specifically designed around successful professionals.

everyday backpack - best backpacks for everyday use

2. Collegiate

Backpacks were made popular by students. Collegiate students have such a diverse range of needs that they can not settle on a single particular backpack type or brand. Pick a backpack that speaks to you the most.

everyday backpack - best backpacks for everyday use

3. Cycling

Everyday commuting can be for a variety of reasons, we can consider general commuting here. While commuting in your everyday life, a street-friendly backpack for everyday comes in handy.
Krimcode’ line of Street Casual are made for hustling through a bustling city. It is crafted for individuals to tame the wild streets and let their feet cover their journey. It is crafted to keep contents secure, letting you walk the streets in total control.

If you are creative and looking to make the most out of your street crawl, you must check out The Urban Bag. It has enough space for your equipment, notes, and other essentials to let you take inspiration for the next project.

Everyday Backpacks

4. Sports Activity/Gymming

Gymming is a popular activity among urban youth. An everyday backpack for gymming is therefore one of the most common buys. It must be spacious to carry your gear, spare clothes, water and a snack bar. Since your back is sweating after gymming, a regular backpack won’t cut it. You need something which doesn’t let your gymming high run down.
Duffle bags replace everyday backpacks here. They are easy to carry and spacious, while their design suits the accessibility required to hold your gear. They have one large compartment and a few large side compartments, which suits the urban fitness lifestyle.

Check out the Sports Attire Duffle Bags from Krimcode. Their fabric quality, build and sturdiness is one of the finest quality. It is built to never let you drop out on your fitness regime.

Everyday Backpacks

5. Hikers

When it comes to hikers, there are some very specific best backpacks for everyday use. These can be for a short trail walking to the next camp or a nature walk around the camp. I would recommend hikers to read our blog post (Choose the right Backpack for Hiking – A helpful Guide).

Everyday Backpacks

Integration of Everyday Backpacks for Everday Use

The integration of everyday backpacks in our daily life can not be overlooked. It is better to be informed about what would be the best backpack for everyday use for you. Make way for everyday convenience, get your own needs met from an everyday backpack.